Earlier this month, I spent a week in Nashville, TN, on a trip that seemed like just a vacation. But, in reality, it was a trip to determine if I was ready to move on with my life. Being that I’m a senior (already) and our first semester is over (already), it’s time to shift... Continue Reading →


It's times like this that I come to my keyboard and have so much to say. On Friday night, we had our annual President's Gala on campus (which is basically a glorified homecoming). When we got there, it was great until the DJ showed up and then the strobe lights went crazy to the point... Continue Reading →


I can't help but think about what people see me as now that I have epilepsy. It's something that crosses my mind all the time. Before that, I considered myself a "regular person". I led a regular life, doing regular things, not even imaging what was coming for me. And then it did. It was... Continue Reading →


The concept of getting back behind the wheel has felt like freedom. For real. It feels like a weight have been lifted off my shoulders - a weight I was very hyper-aware of. It's liberating. But there's also a part of me that doesn't want to. A small part. I'm so scared. I've really been... Continue Reading →


Do you ever have a time when everything is just going really well? In the past few weeks, I got my driving privileges back and I got my dream internship. Two things for which I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for. Finally bringing my car back up to Connecticut has actually... Continue Reading →


I don't even know where to start talking about Cameron Boyce. If you haven't heard, Cameron Boyce was a very talented Disney Channel star who starred in Jessie, The Descendants, and the Grown Ups movies. I recently found out that he had passed away from epilepsy. It wasn't public knowledge that he had been diagnosed before - which is understandable, given... Continue Reading →


It's really simple the way that these things play out: it's a normal day, and then a crappy day, and then a normal one, and then another crappy one. I know it's like that all the time for people. But lately, without the stress of school and meetings and a million different tasks to do,... Continue Reading →


Ever since I finished school a few weeks ago, I've found that I have a ton of free time. Last summer, I pretty much went right into working and/or making myself busy somehow. This past week has been my first chance to just relax in what feels like forever. It's weird what happens when the... Continue Reading →


And, somehow, we always end up back here talking about epilepsy. It’s pretty funny because, at the end of the day, it’s what I think about. It’s the thing that crosses my mind because it limits me. I’ve been so stuck between my opinions and those of my doctors. I literally can’t remember the last... Continue Reading →

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