I think fate means something different to everyone. To some, it means that what happens is God’s plan. To others, it’s the acceptance that we have no control over what our future looks like. To me, it means that everything happens for a reason.

In mid-September of last year, I met someone who has since become a friend of mine. After a few weeks of knowing him, he told me that he couldn’t stay up too late. I didn’t specifically ask why, but a few days later, he revealed that he had epilepsy. I remember having a panic attack while sitting with my roommate because I didn’t know anything about the disorder. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to help him if something were to happen. I didn’t know what epilepsy was, I didn’t know what caused it. I feared that if something happened when I was alone with him, I wouldn’t be able to help. 

I think back to that panic and remember it so vividly. I remember feeling helpless and lacking knowledge that I needed knowledge. I went online that night and researched seizure response so that I knew how to help. I asked him if he was willing to tell me more about his condition so that I could help. The next day, he sat down with me and discussed his case specifically. I felt calmer and more prepared.

Two weeks later, I suffered my first seizure. It was a wake up call. Epilepsy was something that I never thought would happen to me, but I was fortunate enough to have someone who understood. Every time I texted him with questions, he was right there to offer his advice and experience.

I am so grateful that I have him to talk to when I need help or need to talk. He is still the only other person that I’ve personally met who has epilepsy.

When he first told me he had epilepsy, it was a foreign concept to me. I was so afraid of it. And now, when I think of what that fear felt like, it makes me so determined to ensure that other people don’t feel that way.

I believe I met him for a reason. I believe that so many things happen for a reason. It’s crazy to think that I met him right before my whole life changed. At first, I thought it was a crazy coincidence, but looking back, I’ve realized that it can’t be.

Someone or something has a plan. For all of us. We have to believe that that plan includes something positive happening. Believing in something, whatever it is, is the key to happiness.

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  1. I totally agree!! If it’s meant to be, it’s called “Fate”.
    I say that constantly when something happens to me or someone I know.
    Also if you were still swimming, you would have never joined the sorority and meet all the great people you have met, and maybe not even be so involved with the school paper. Which you love doing. That’s call “Fate”. I know you missing swimming, but now you have a new chapter in your life!! Enjoy every second!!


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