They always say that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I have always been a writer. In 2006, I was writing songs just like my idol Taylor Swift. In 2010, after reading the entire Twilight Series, I wrote a 41,000 word extension story of the Twilight saga. In 2014, I was hired as an intern to write for the most prominent aquatic news website in the world. In 2018, I started my own blog. Last month, I was selected to be the Editor in Chief for The Spectrum next year.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I won’t make a good living later in life, I wouldn’t even have to worry about getting a job. Some of my best friends are going on to pursue careers in the medical field, and it’s what they love. That is incredible. But I also hear a lot of stories of people being unhappy in their jobs just because they need money. Those stories break my heart.

I can’t imagine doing anything besides writing. I’ve went over it a million times in my head. I tried to think of something that could potentially be more stable as a career, but nothing else sparks my interest. My mind always drifts right back to 9 years ago, hiding my laptop in my room from my mom at 3:00 a.m., writing about how Renesmee and Jacob proceeded to fall in love in my latest chapter. I remember the reviews I received with responses from my “readers,” and the rush of pride I felt when they told me that they loved my writing, and that they wanted to read more. I would stay up all night writing for them, and for myself, because I loved it more than anything. The 12-year old in me is still there, everyday, trying to put down words on paper every chance she gets.

I honestly don’t understand how people pursue careers that they aren’t happy with. I can’t imagine going to work every day and being miserable. I want to go to a place that I love, surrounded by similar minded people, doing something I love. Whoever said that thing about work not being work was right. It shouldn’t have to be work. Will there be some days that are tough? Of course. There are going to be challenges, and some days are going to be longer than others. I’ve sat behind my laptop screen a million times with writer’s block. It happens. But other times, it’s amazing. I get an idea and it’s all I can think about. Right now, writing is mostly a hobby for me. But someday, I want it to be more. I think that, if I try hard enough, it can be the thing that makes me happy for the rest of my life.

Is there something that you can’t stop thinking about? There has to be. Everyone has something that they really love to do. Sports? Music? Medical? Find that thing. Whatever you do, don’t stop thinking about it. In fact, make thinking about it your priority. You can literally make anything into a job. In all reality, though, no one has to have a job. We should all just be doing what we love.

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