Thank you so much to my favorite blogger Sandy Riguzzi for nominating me for a Blogger Recognition Award this past week, as well as The Versatile Blogger Award a few months back – thank you for recognizing my words and my story. It means more than you know.

Sandy is an amazing woman who has been through hell and back and has decided to share her stories to help others. She always finds the best in everything and has given me some amazing blogging advice.

I am so behind with this blog stuff. I have primarily used my blog for a place to translate my experiences into lessons. When I first started my blog a year ago, I had the intention of creating it and marketing it to reach hundreds of people. Eventually, I wanted to create my own domain entirely and insert advertisements to start making money. I wanted to connect with people through my blog. And while I have, a little bit, this blog hasn’t exactly become what I wanted. When I came back to school last fall, I became so sidetracked with my classes, friends, and the decisions I had to make, that I lost sight of what I had really wanted this to be. It is still here but I still find an hour every week to type out some words to share. So thank you, Sandy, for recognizing my efforts.

So I’m not entirely sure how this all works – I know I’m supposed to nominate another blogger, but I don’t really know any others! I wish I did. There are a few questions and prompts that go along with each award, so I figured I’d have a little fun this week and answer some of those. It’s time for a change of pace.

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award calls for the blogger to share 7 things about themselves. If you’re reading this, odds are you probably either are related to me or already know me very well in a personal way. If you are neither of those, you probably know everything there is to know about me through this very personal blog that I share with you each week. This will be fun – let’s see if I can find 7 things about me that I haven’t mentioned here yet.

  1. I love to sing. In 8th grade, I was the lead of our school play, Annie, red wig and all. I had the time of my life in those shows. I had literally never felt so confident in my life. I still haven’t to this day.
  2. I am a huge hockey fan! Hockey has always been present in my life. My grandpa always loved watching hockey, my stepdad played at a very high level of hockey and so did my boyfriend! Up until a year ago, I couldn’t follow the puck, so I decided that I didn’t like watching. During last year’s playoffs, I started watching during the first round. My boyfriend told me that the Washington Capitals had never won a Stanley Cup, so I began rooting for them, just for fun. But by the time the playoffs were over, I was hooked! I had learned so much about the players and the team by then that I completely fell in love with the Washington Capitals. They lost in the first round of the playoffs this year because they couldn’t get it together, but I love them through and through. Let’s go boys!
  3. I’ve always wanted to live in a warm place one day. After graduation, I am hoping to move somewhere pretty far away – I’m not sure yet, but definitely somewhere with warmer weather! I have always LOVED the beach (as you can probably tell from all of the featured photos), and I want to live somewhere where I can go all year long! Summer means I’m in my element.
  4. I’m obsessed with sunflowers. There’s just something about the positivity I feel when they’re around. They’re there when I need some sunshine, and there’s nothing I love more than that.
  5. I wasn’t sure I wanted to swim in college. I went through a rough 4-5 years of my swimming career in which I really struggled to motivate myself to continue. At first, I didn’t want to, but I decided to look at programs anyway. Then, I only wanted to swim Division 3. Then, when I found Sacred Heart, I decided I would give Division 1 a try. Even though I can’t compete anymore, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  6. My family has a house at the Jersey Shore and it’s my most favorite place in the world. I’ve made so many memories there in my lifetime with my family and I am going to cry like a baby when I move away from it.
  7. I love my summer so far! I was very hesitant about my summer plans when I first applied and accepted my job, but now I love it! I applied to so many summer jobs and was bummed when I didn’t hear back from most of them, but I think everything happens for a reason. Turns out, I am going to be working directly with the athletic department to promote their social media and it is going to be continuing throughout the next academic year! That and my job as a Resident Assistant are the perfect combination for a laid-back but productive summer here.

The Blogger Recognition Award

This one calls for a different set of requirements: a brief story of how my blog started and two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

I started my blog in such a confused time in my life. As you probably already know, I was diagnosed with epilepsy in October 2017, thought I was stable for a while, and then had another seizure at the end of March. I was at such a loss. That was when I realized it wasn’t as mild as I thought. It hit me hard, and when I went home for summer break, I was suffocating. I started this blog to process what I was feeling. I wanted to also share with people in hopes to help them. And I’ve reached a few people. That’s all I can ask for. This blog has done so much for me.

If I had to give advice to a new blogger, I would suggest that they take the time to make their blog their own before they start. There is something so satisfying about creating your website exactly as YOU want it to be. Another piece of advice would be to try to avoid forcing the words. There are weeks when I don’t really have much to say, but a short, passionate post is better than a long, forced one. Your readers want to know what you’re passionate about.

I can’t really nominate anyone for these awards, but I can point you in the direction of another great writer that I know. Maggie Leenas writes some really fun pieces for The Odyssey that you should check out!

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  1. I just read your friend’s story on Rachel and Junior year of college. It was great! You know I am going to share this on twitter. You did not have to do this, but I love you for it and totally appreciate your kind words. You are going to be all the things you want to be one day – I have total confidence that you will get there in one way or the other. I did see you singing somewhere on social media? Whether singing or writing – always know you have a beautiful voice, Bry. Use that voice like you want to and however you desire. Don’t be in a rush to figure it all out, it will happen. xoxo


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