I don’t think I can pinpoint when it was that I really started to love television. It’s kind of just something that’s a constant in my life now. I’ve found myself so wrapped up in all different characters and storylines that amaze me. They really mean it when they call it binge-watching. Guilty as charged.

I used to see watching television solely as a form of entertainment. Something to do when I’m bored. To pass the time. Spongebob was on in the background when I ate dinner with my dad at age 7. All of my friends were watching Hannah Montana at 11. They were just characters on a screen that made me laugh at shallow jokes made for pre-teens.

Then it changed. I grew up and started watching more adult TV, with realistic storylines and deep characters with real-life situations.

It’s weird, but getting to know people and families on real comedies and dramas is like getting to know real people. They’re people you can laugh and cry with. I can’t even explain how many characters I’ve found that I can totally relate to – and they’re not even real.

I hole myself up in my room watching corny Netflix movies during my at home testing and it passes the time like a charm. After a long day, the perfect escape is to get lost in a few episodes of Friends. Maybe this is a stretch, but I’d say TV takes us to a whole different place where we can stay for a while. A world that’s different than ours, and we are able to experience a whole different life. Which is pretty cool if you ask me.

It’s amazing how invested we get in these characters and these storylines. I can’t even count how many times I’ve called my best friend, with tears in my eyes, with a rant about something I found to be outrageous: Derek Shepherd or Keith Scott passing away. The big news feels like it’s happening to our best friends, and it hits deep. At least for me.

I just recently watched a show called ‘Atypical’, which is about a young boy with autism. I’ve never had any experience with autism. I don’t know anyone who has been affected by it, but I was able to learn a lot from the show, seeing what it’s really like and how to help people who struggle from it. I had a similar experience with the show ‘You’. It’s a fantastically written example of how a young, naive girl can be in grave danger in the presence of a psychopath. In today’s world, being aware of this type of thing is so important.

There are so many things that can be communicated to people through television. There are so many writers out there who have all different backgrounds, lifestyles, and stories to tell to the world. There are so many insanely talented actors who can portray these stories in a genuine, honest way, and can make us all feel understood.

Sure, some people see television as just a form of entertainment, but doesn’t it feel like more than that? If it’s done right, it really does feel like art. The characters feel like friends and the storylines feel like ours. On some level, I think we’re all just looking for someone to relate to. That can mean the world to some people. That’s why I want to work in the industry.

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  1. For me, it can be a break from reality. We love friends and that is my Joey’s favorite show! For me, that is the show that i put on and go to sleep at night because I have already seen every episode so many times. It also makes me laugh so I have happy dreams. I still watch General Hospital because I love the storylines and am so invested in the characters. xo.


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