I’ve been feeling lucky lately. Why, you ask? Luck feels like getting behind the wheel of a car, finally. Luck feels like walking backstage on a professional NBC studio and gaining experience I never thought I would. Luck feels like winning tickets to the VMA’s, which one of my most favorite comedians is hosting. I am so excited!

There have been a few roadblocks, though. But I’ve come to learn that there’s always going to be something. It’s a little bit stressful to think about how busy I’m going to be this year – the newspaper has already faced a few different challenges. Our website has been hacked twice in the past week and we’ve had 4 of our staff members quit whose spots need to be replaced. I didn’t realize how much easier problems are to manage when you’re taking care of something you absolutely love.

Senior year is shaping up to be pretty unique compared to all of the others. Brand new experiences, learning all new skills and finding more things I love. I never knew I loved television until I worked it. The interaction with guests is amazing, my coworkers are so friendly and pleasant to work with, and it’s truly amazing to see entertainment come to life from behind the scenes.

There have been days when the worries have really overshadowed the joys, and others when everything is just so great, nothing ever really feels like a real problem. Days like today, and basically every day of the past few weeks, remind me of my goal: to be doing the things I love, and doing them well.

Right now, I’m pretty much filled to capacity with tasks and doing damage control, and I have to go listen to the new Taylor Swift album, ASAP!


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