Another Wednesday… I swear these weeks are flying. Honestly, I used to come on here to write about my experiences with epilepsy. Thank God, it’s really been cutting me a break lately, so I’ve been rambling on about other (way less important) topics. Mainly because I love writing, but also because I made a commitment to myself that I would post every single week without fail for the foreseeable future. With that said, there’s not always a pressing matter that I have to write about (or anything new) every week. Therefore, I write about what’s been on my mind. Which, this week, has been Taylor Swift’s new album.

Ridiculous, right? I know. The amount of time I’ve spent listening to it is kind of absurd. It’s been the soundtrack of the past week and a half, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

I know I already wrote a blog post about her not too long ago (probably about a month ago, but who’s counting?). I just have been very hyper-aware of the fact that this most recent album has been beautiful and positive and graceful and all of that mushy stuff. While writing her last album, she was recovering from some really painful times in her career, and it was really good, but the songs were… for lack of a better term… angry.

Emotions make for incredible music, I’m a firm believer in that. And Taylor had every right to be angry. But, now that that has all passed, her new album has become an amazing compilation of healing and positivity, which is just what anyone needs to hear. It’s honest and uplifting, and it’s about how much love she has for life now that she has gone through some tough times.

Honestly – I know she’s one of those huge stars that everyone likes, but I genuinely believe she’s one of the most genuine and honest artists out there (right next to Andy Grammer, who I could go on about forever and a day).

That’s my rant for today. Sorry that it’s kind of pointless and unnecessary, but that’s what’s been on my mind. I highly suggest you go check out new album. It’s called Lover and it’s incredible. 11/10.

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