What’s going on? I feel like something new is going on every single day. I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, but I’m so happy. I can honestly say that I’m really enjoying everything I’m doing, which is all I can ask for. It’s weird because I can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to say that. There’s been three main things that have been my focus lately: the newspaper, Maury, and my classes. The newspaper kind of feels like it has taken over my life – I constantly get calls and texts with questions and concerns from people on my team, emails from my advisor and people who would like for articles to be written. I’ve been spending 10+ hours in the office on Mondays, working to ensure that the paper is as close to perfect as possible. It is tedious, but nothing is more rewarding than grabbing the paper after work on Wednesday and seeing my work.

Maury has been everything I wanted and more – still so much fun. An amazing staff of people and some crazy. But the crazy is what makes it so much fun. It’s incredible to see a guest I’m working with up on TV a few weeks later, wearing the outfits we picked out, using the props we bought. It’s amazing to hear our executive producer say, “That was a great show!” and knowing I was a part of it. (Albeit, a small part, but still, a part). My coworkers are amazing – they go any and all lengths to make sure we learn and excel at our jobs. I remember being so so scared at the beginning, and now I feel pretty confident. It only took a few weeks.

My classes have been so much fun – a few of them pretty far out of my comfort zone, though. I decided to take a production class, not realizing that it was an upper level class that I don’t have enough experience to excel in. I’m working on it, though. And fast. I signed up for a few classes and decided to force myself to learn more about things that I am uncomfortable with. That has been a lot of fun.

I’ve taken classes before that I haven’t particularly enjoyed: which is par for the course with any type of schooling. I’ve worked jobs I didn’t love, and I’ve been in clubs I didn’t really like, either. These past 3 years have been all about figuring out what I want – and I think I’ve found it. For now. It’s an amazing feeling, even when you’re taking on too much and you’re exhausted. It’s all worth it, knowing that all of this is leading me where I need to be.

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