Sooooo I have been drowning in work, articles, projects.... you name it. I genuinely don't have time to say anything besides that I met my idol last night. Here's a picture. More about that soon. Have a great week!!!


What's going on? I feel like something new is going on every single day. I'm tired, I'm overwhelmed, but I'm so happy. I can honestly say that I'm really enjoying everything I'm doing, which is all I can ask for. It's weird because I can't remember the last time I've been able to say that.... Continue Reading →


A year and a few days ago was the day that I joined a sorority - Chi Omega. I came into junior year so heartbroken about losing swimming that I knew I needed something. I told my boyfriend that I needed to get involved with something else on campus and he quickly suggested I rush... Continue Reading →


It's times like this that I come to my keyboard and have so much to say. On Friday night, we had our annual President's Gala on campus (which is basically a glorified homecoming). When we got there, it was great until the DJ showed up and then the strobe lights went crazy to the point... Continue Reading →


Another Wednesday... I swear these weeks are flying. Honestly, I used to come on here to write about my experiences with epilepsy. Thank God, it's really been cutting me a break lately, so I've been rambling on about other (way less important) topics. Mainly because I love writing, but also because I made a commitment... Continue Reading →


I know I say this all the time but I can't believe another school year is starting... senior year. Monday was my last first day of school... ever. Weird, right? Still not sure what I want to do. Still taking a path that may not lead anywhere. Still going through every day, doing everything I... Continue Reading →


I've been feeling lucky lately. Why, you ask? Luck feels like getting behind the wheel of a car, finally. Luck feels like walking backstage on a professional NBC studio and gaining experience I never thought I would. Luck feels like winning tickets to the VMA's, which one of my most favorite comedians is hosting. I... Continue Reading →


I can't help but think about what people see me as now that I have epilepsy. It's something that crosses my mind all the time. Before that, I considered myself a "regular person". I led a regular life, doing regular things, not even imaging what was coming for me. And then it did. It was... Continue Reading →

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