It's that point in time now where I genuinely feel so lost. I'm at the age where everything is starting to be so up in the air. I knew what I wanted, but then I didn't. Then I knew what I wanted, but then there were doubts. Now there are a few possibilities, but the... Continue Reading →


It's easy to think look at things all upside down and backwards. Missed your alarm? Automatically a bad day. Traffic? Even worse. Dropped your coffee? What are you going to do now? I think there's days where we're all guilty of it. I read something on Instagram the other day that said, "Was it a... Continue Reading →


As I sit here and reflect over the past month or so, I'm trying to think of something that I could say to reach someone. Something that someone can relate to. Any person, really. I know I've talked about my epilepsy a million times. That's been incredibly cathartic. I know that it will be again,... Continue Reading →


I guess this week's going to be more of a story than anything else, because there's a lot going on in my head right now. After a 48-hour EEG last week, I went to the doctor on Thursday morning and met with my famous, brilliant doctor. We determined that the medicine hasn't been working. The... Continue Reading →


For a while after it happened, people have been asking if I'm okay, and at first I wasn't. The days didn't seem to get better. A few weeks later, it started to get better, so slightly. I still feel that way, a month later, trying to take one step at a time. Trying to sit... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was another normal day. I worked out after class and then headed to the dining hall to grab lunch. The same dining hall where it all first started. I was in there, thinking about that time, the way that I think about it every single time I walk in there. After going through the... Continue Reading →


Andddd it’s time once again to spend the weekend at Northeast Conference Championships in Nassau County, New York. Of all the meets of the entire season, this one is by far the hardest. My involvement in our team here at Sacred Heart has lowered tremendously, from competing athlete and teammate who attends every practice and... Continue Reading →


I guess it's time to move forward. I haven't wanted to in the past few weeks, but I've had to, and quickly. I've been doing everything I've had to do since I woke up on Wednesday morning, the day after it happened. I'm not there yet. I'm not really there when I do things. I'm... Continue Reading →


It's only been a week and I haven't made much more peace with any of this. I haven't been able to wrap my head around the fact that the cycle is starting again. That the doctor's appointments, medication changes, and tests are going to start again. Everytime I try to tell myself that everything will... Continue Reading →

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