Strength has a tendency to come and go. One minute, you're seeing things optimistically, and the next, you're feeling so hopeless, you can't even begin to think about how to recover from what you're going through. Throughout this entire past year, I put a pressure on myself to move on from my diagnosis. I told... Continue Reading →


Even as a high-level athlete for ten-plus years, I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I believed that I was overweight, when in reality, I was the perfect size. I used to believe that once the scale displayed a certain number, I would be happy. Boy, was I wrong.... Continue Reading →


Ever since I started taking my anti-seizure medication, it has had a huge effect on my mood and my overall energy levels throughout the day. It makes me much more inclined to feel exhausted and irritable. My dosage has fluctuated many times, which has made it even harder to adjust to these big life changes.... Continue Reading →


A few months ago, I woke up on what I thought would be a typical Tuesday morning to an email that one of my classmates had passed. Even though I didn't know her very well, I knew that she was a very sweet girl. I had a class with her and we had spoken a... Continue Reading →


Lately, I've found myself very guilty of wishing time away. To combat the negativity of doctor's appointments and long work days, I have found it helpful to look forward to exciting things that are coming up. Right now, there are a lot of exciting things coming up. The biggest and most important thing for me... Continue Reading →


Growing up, it has constantly been drilled into my head that "other people have it worse". There's people that have no money, no family members, or are extremely sick. I can see how that can make someone feel more optimistic about their own situation. But, by the same token, when they are going through something... Continue Reading →


I spend each Father's Day reflecting on the shortcomings of my father throughout the milestones of my life. It all boils down to one thing: he wasn't there. He missed my best moments, my worst moments, and almost everything in between. I have to beg him to show up to something that is important to... Continue Reading →


I want to start off by saying that I believe that it takes effort to be happy. I used to live with the belief that when my immediate problems went away, I would be happy. I thought that once I aced the test I was stressed about or resolved the fight with my boyfriend I... Continue Reading →

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