Happiness is fluid. I found mine in the acceptance that life isn't going to be exactly what I want it to be. Things and people are going to change, and we have to go with it. Nothing is guaranteed, and that's okay. Change is the healthiest thing that there is, even if it's not what... Continue Reading →


There's something about new starts. To me, they feel like magic. After the year I've had, moving into school last Sunday was exactly what I've been needing. I'm writing to you from my bedroom in my new apartment. It's the first time I've ever lived in an apartment and have my own bedroom at college.... Continue Reading →


Remember when you were younger and it was the first day of school? The teachers used to ask us to participate in ice breakers, or little games for the purpose of introducing ourselves to the class. A popular one was to go around the class in a circle and introduce yourself with your name, favorite... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been in the ocean during high tide? When the waves are coming so fast that you can't seem to catch your breath? That's the best way to explain how I've felt for the past year. Last summer, I was going through a difficult breakup. It happened in the end of June, and... Continue Reading →


In my last post, I wrote about anticipating a three day hospital stay to undergo brain scans. I shared that I was experiencing severe anxiety about the testing, mainly because I knew the doctors would be trying to induce seizure activity throughout my stay. During my first day and night at the hospital, I was... Continue Reading →


At this point in my life, I am thoroughly convinced that the loss of a friendship is significantly more painful than the loss of a romantic relationship. It's no secret that having your heart broken by your significant other is a horrible feeling. Losing the person you counted on to understand you and go through... Continue Reading →


Ever since I started taking my anti-seizure medication, it has had a huge effect on my mood and my overall energy levels throughout the day. It makes me much more inclined to feel exhausted and irritable. My dosage has fluctuated many times, which has made it even harder to adjust to these big life changes.... Continue Reading →


Lately, I've found myself very guilty of wishing time away. To combat the negativity of doctor's appointments and long work days, I have found it helpful to look forward to exciting things that are coming up. Right now, there are a lot of exciting things coming up. The biggest and most important thing for me... Continue Reading →

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